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Can I plant Photinia bushes (Red Robin) now?

Tom78Tom78 Posts: 23
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Good evening Folks

I have purchased three red robin shrubs for the flowerbed at the entrance to our driveway with the aim of them forming a nice bush. 

The examples I have are approx 1.5m tall currently and in pots. The flowerbed needs perking up first- I assume some general compost and well rotted manure?

More to the point is it advisable to plant them now? The ground isn't frozen- the advice on line is a little mixed. If I don't plant now can they stay in their existing pots for another 6 weeks or so until it's a bit warmer? 

Many thanks!  


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 50,226
    You can do either, is the simple answer @Tom78 :)
    Potted plants can be planted as long as the ground is suitable - ie not frozen/water logged etc, and assuming they're a decent size, and yours sound fine.
    You can also keep them potted if that suits you better. Just make sure they don't get dried out during that time. A sheltered place would be best until you plant. 

    Personally, I'd plant them. Bigger shrubs will establish more readily if planted during cooler, damper spells. You'll need to make sure they're well watered once weather heats up too, and keep an eye on them through summer, as they're large. 
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  • Tom78Tom78 Posts: 23
    Thank you thats really helpful! The soil deffo isn't waterlogged so I think I'll crack on and get them in. 

    Hopefully by the end of the summer they'll have bushed out a bit! :) 
  • Tom78Tom78 Posts: 23

    Me again! So I planted these late Jan and plenty of new buds already which is promising. 

    I'm starting to think I may have gone a little deep as covered over the top of the root balls with a thin layer of soil- I've since read the roots should have been left visible. 

    Should I scrape a layer off to be on the safe side? 

    Many thanks 
  • Tom78Tom78 Posts: 23

  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601
    You should plant at the depth they were grown - you can usually see the mark on the stems. I have never heard of leaving part of the root ball above the soil. They look ok to me, although they might be a bit close together.
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,164
    They look fine to me too  :)
    I haven't heard about leaving the roots exposed, l'm not quite sure what benefit that would have.
    They should bush out and fill that space quite quickly, so you might just want to check that you're happy with the spacing as @Posy says.
  • UffUff Posts: 3,199
    I agree with posy that they should be planted at the depth they were grown at.
    I think they are a lot close together though. They grow to be large shrubs quite quickly so the space that is allotted will soon become depleted of water and nutrients. 
    One shrub in that space would be sufficient. 
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  • Tom78Tom78 Posts: 23
    Thank you all :) 

    I probably put about 1cm soil over the level they were in in the pot so hopefully be ok as in hindsight I read the top of the roots should be visible. 

    Bit worried about spacing now ha! I read only they should be 75cm apart and 60cm from the walls which they are.... Althought that pic probably makes them look closer. 

    I guess in time I can remove the rear one if needs be 

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