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half-hardy annuals

I’m new to growing plants from seed wondering what to do in the spring when I’m going to sow half-hardy annuals in a propagator. Do I prick them out into small pots from seed trays and put them back in the propagator or can they go into a cold frame to be hardened off? How long should this take? Sorry if I seem a bit ignorant!


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    It depends on what they are l find. Things such as Cosmos can spring up really fast and get quite leggy so need pricking out fairly quickly
    What l do is put them back into the propagator for the first few days but leave the lid off. If temps are above freezing in the greenhouse l leave them like that overnight, if not l put the lid back but make sure the vents are open. Remove the lid fairly early when the temperatures start to rise.
    If you don't have a greenhouse, and are growing indoors l would just leave the lid of the propagator off and after a few days take them out altogether. 

    After that, depending on the weather, l would put them outside in a sheltered spot for an hour or two and bring them back indoors. After about a week, move them to the coldframe, and open the lid during the day and close it at night. If the weather turns really cold, put a layer of fleece or newspaper over the plants.
    It's a bit of a faff, but worth it. They are your precious babies after all.
    Others may well have different advice, l might just be paranoid 😁

    You are not ignorant at all, we all had to learn  :)
  • Thank you I’ve got more of an idea now 🙂 would that be pretty much the same for all HHAs?
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 9,547
    I would say so, the basic idea is to acclimatise them gently  :)
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