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Peat free seed compost.

Morning all, can anybody recommend a peat free seed compost? I've not seen a single bag of this in my initial visits to three garden centres in the Ipswich area, although there are a few peat free general purpose composts around. I wonder what people are using - is it ok to just sieve a general purpose compost an use that to germinate veg seeds?

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated,
Regards Tim.


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 50,309
    At this time of year, you wouldn't really need a seed compost. General purpose is fine, although you may need to sieve it, and add some perlite or grit to open it up, and make it less nutritious.
    It's very early to sow anything so that would be an important factor, as well as having room to grow them on.   Depends on what you're sowing too.  :)
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  • BenCottoBenCotto Posts: 4,131
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    In Which? reviews Melcourt Sylvagrow is the top ranking peat free compost. You should be able to get it from Horticultural Supplies Ltd on Somersham Rd. If you’re lucky they’ll stock the Melcourt seed compost as well as the general purpose one.
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  • Thanks Fairygirl and BenCotto - I know it's a bit early but as soon as the sun comes out I get the urge to start SOMETHING, even it's it's still sub zero :-) Also, it's good to be prepared. I'll try that place in Somersham BenCotto, I went there a couple of years back - their web site doesn't give many clues about what they stock, might drop them an email.
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