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Wild flower seeds.

Hiyi, I want to plant my wild flower seeds in all my pots this year, I've no heated shed, greenhouse..., might I be able to plant them in seed trays, on the shed window sill or outside with windows covering them for warmth? Any help would be greatly apprieciated, Charis in Shetland.


  • B3B3 Posts: 24,439
    What seeds have you got and what grows naturally in your area?
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    Hi, I bought Poppy Papaver, Yellow Rattle, Cornflower, Foxgloves, California Poppies. I have Mimulus, Buttercup, Celendine, Sea Pinks, Aqualegia, White and Red Campion... growing in the back garden each year. I have a very tiny front garden with 14 or so big  ish pots, which have lots of Tulups and Daffodill in just starting to peep up, I'd usualy have bedding plants ready to go in after, but I want to have some wild flowers come when the bulbs are finished. I'm waiting for a hip and knee opperation, so am desperataly trying to make things a little more manageable this year.  :)  
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