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indoor carnivorous sundew plant - going brown

Mr. Vine EyeMr. Vine Eye Posts: 1,778
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So this isn't looking great! Relatively new plant, bought in summer, kept on windowsill. Unsure whether it's just dying, needs repotting or there's something else wrong with it. Just what they do in winter? Hadn't realised how bad it had got!

It's been in rain water and regularly topped up.




  • bertrand-mabelbertrand-mabel Posts: 1,223
    Oh dear it does look very poorly.
    Is it sitting in rain water or are you watering it from the top?
    Doesn't seem to be any "dew".

    We grow pitcher plants and last year they didn't do as well as normal.

    Have a look at the following link

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 74,875
    The compost looks to have dried out ... I can see a gap between the compost and the pot.
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  • Mr. Vine EyeMr. Vine Eye Posts: 1,778
    The compost looks to have dried out ... I can see a gap between the compost and the pot.
    It's definitley not dry, might look it in the photo but it's very moist.

    @bertrand-mabel - thanks for that link. It sounds like it might have root rot! I hadn't realised that was a thing with these boggy plants.

    It sounds possible that it might have been caused by the container it's sat in having been filled too high with the water.
  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 1,533
    Ours is in our unheated greenhouse. I give a tiny bit of water every couple of weeks, just to keep it slightly damp. Ours looks exactly like yours, but it always bounces back in Spring. I would leave the brown foliage on it, just to act as a bit of an insulator. 

    If you lift the pot, you should be able to tell if it is too dry, as it will weigh almost next to nothing. They need to be kept just slightly damp over Winter, but definitely not wet.
  • TheVanguardTheVanguard Posts: 106
    I think some of the hardy ones can have a dormancy period and die back 
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