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Planting a tree near the house

zugeniezugenie Posts: 58
I am wanting to plant a cherry tree (Prunus incisa ‘mikinori’) in my front garden, it would be just over 3m from the house and offset slightly to the side (as in won’t be directly in front of the house it will line up with the fence to the side) just want to make sure that wouldn’t be a terrible mistake before I go ahead!!


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 42,383
    The only problem with many cherries is that they'll often have large roots on the surface of the ground, which you have to be aware of if you have grass or other planting nearby.
    I don't know if that's the case with that one, but generally speaking - the canopy of the tree is matched by the spread of the root system.
    If you check the info on it's eventual spread, it should give you an idea of whether it's suitable for your site   :)
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  • My only experience with a (neighbour's) cherry tree in the front garden was that it covered the area where we'd normally park our car. The birds loved the tree and showed their appreciation with dropping their caustic excrement all over the car if we dared park it there. 
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  • robairdmacraignilrobairdmacraignil CorkPosts: 510
    Just did a quick search for information on that type of cherry and found this advice page that says this variety has a full grown spread of 4-8metres so I would personally not place it within three metres of your house as you suggest. It would take a number of years to get there but it may eventually have branches that reach your house wall and would get damaged when rubbing off it or need to be pruned which can often take away from the shape of a tree. There is another similar variety of cherry called Prunus incisa Kojo no Mai that might be more suitable as it stays a bit smaller.

    Happy gardening!
  • zugeniezugenie Posts: 58
    I actually have a top grafted kojo-no-mai that’s going out there too! Thank you all for your advice, I think I will go for a smaller acer instead, and put the cherry tree in the back garden where it can be 8m from the house!
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