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Baptisia growing

Hi, does anyone grow baptisia? I have one lupin which does ok but any others I have grown from seed are just devoured by slugs and I've just given up on them but wanted something similar. I read today that baptisia are less likely to be eaten by slugs/snails and wondered if this was true for others? I'd be interested in anyone's experience and if they have any favourite cultivars. 


  • FireFire LondonPosts: 12,060
    Slugs do lovely them
  • I have had B. Lemon Meringue for several years and it is not bothered by slugs or anything else.
  • Thanks for the replies. So that's 50-50 on the slug damage so far.
  • so.phieso.phie Posts: 16
    I planted some last year but I am worried they won't come back as very wet clay soil. Can't say about slugs but I didn't have an issue with them last year.
  • FireFire LondonPosts: 12,060
    Worth trying.
  • We do have amazing slugs here though. They regularly eat things that they aren't supposed to touch, like foxgloves. 

    I might give some ago if I can find some decent plants or a pack of seeds.
  • I have light and limey soil so suffer more from snails than slugs but I think that with stuff like Lupins and Delphiniums the answer is not to plant them out until they are a good size and better able to cope with a bit of nibbling.  I regularly lose seedlings if I forget to keep a close eye on them and I am afraid that Baptisia suffer as much as the rest (although they prefer more acid soils so I am starting at a disadvantage with them).   I have been successful in growing a larger plant by keeping it in a pot up to the 2 litre size then planting it out.
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