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Liza6Liza6 Posts: 65
Hi can anyone identify this sad looking  plant for me? Also is it possible/ if so how  to take a cutting  as there is a healthy looking baby at the bottom?


  • Balgay.HillBalgay.Hill Posts: 1,007
    It looks like a Dracaena, but that's the limit of my advice.
    Sunny Dundee
  • Liza6Liza6 Posts: 65
    Thank you !!!
  • Dracaena .  There are more than 1 but basically they require the same treatment.
    They grow up ( as you have discovered ) and will often become multi stemmed if they have been "tipped" or damaged at some time.
    You can either repot the whole plant or chop down the mature stem and encourage the baby to grow.
    They do require good overall light - hence the large stem growing towards the window in your photo.  Keeping them turned regularly helps to solve that particular problem.
    Usually one of the easiest house plants to grow.
  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,968
    They are easy to propagate in water.. just cut off the top bits, and even lengths of stems, and put them in a glass of water.  Change the water once a week to keep it fresh, then pot up once the roots are several inches long.  
    Utah, USA.
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