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Pansy cuttings

ValleysgirlValleysgirl Wales Posts: 206
Hello fellow gardners . Yesterday I was tidying a rather large pot with a Geum and pansys all around the edge which were trailing , flowered profusely last Summer. As I trimmed the Pansys I thought is it worth putting them in water to see if they root or just find a pot with compost in pop them in and wait and see if they take ?. I like a challenge what would you do?


  • ValleysgirlValleysgirl Wales Posts: 206
    Searching on my I-pad now just found a post from 2014 by Snow Maiden yes that long ago (GW forum) so Waste not want not will this morning fill a 11cm pot with mix MPC/Hort grit and insert around the edges then cover with plastic bag occasionally removing and watch and see ! Now to go and have a clear of some Oak leaves still covering a part of our sloped and top part of our garden, there's some Daffodils coming. Bright and blue skies here in South Wales.

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