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Money Tree losing leafs ?

Hi All, I need advice please, on why my Money Tree’s leafs are going brown & falling off? I have moved her out of a draft & sat her in a light, warm room, I was advised by my Mother in law to water her , once every 6 weeks during Winter , I also placed pebbles on her compost to deter compost flies ( had alot of trouble with them in the past) what am I doing wrong? I don’t want to lose her as this is the second generation of a Money Tree bought by my Fiancé when he was ten, she has been in his family 40yrs now


  • Hi, are these the bottom leaves drying up and falling off? Some leaf loss is normal but if you have lots of leaves dropping then it can be a sign the plant is to dry. These are succulent like plants and don't need much water over winter but if they are in a draught or near a heat source, they can lose more water than you think. The easiest thing to do is poke your finger in the soil and if the top inch or two is dry then give it a splash of water. If the upper compost is moist then it should be fine.
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