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(1) I received a gift of a Geopod propagator and today I sewed hot peppers (de cayenne). I read the temperature from the lights can get quite hot so I have set the propagator temperature to reach 18 degrees celsius. Is that low enough to compensate for the heat the lights give off.

(2) What other vegetables can I sew now, along with these hot peppers?


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,296
    The thermostat just detects temperature, so it will automatically compensate for the lights being on or off by itself.
    I set the thermostat to 25C in my propagator for peppers and chili and as soon as I see the seeds popping through the compost, I reduce the thermostat to 22C. 
    You can sow tomatoes now too - but I don't see the point.
    Once all your seed have germinated and they are in little pots - have you got enough space for them all in your propagator so they all get enough heat and light?

    I sow peppers and chili in late Feb and sow tomatoes 1st week in March.

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  • Agree with @Pete.8.  It's always exciting when you get a propagator but you need to think on.  
    Early germination can be more of a disadvantage if you don't have the space/conditions to grow on.  More often than not, later sown, as suggested above, will soon catch up and still provide sturdy plants.
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