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Tragic Fatal Accident.

A RTC.  Road Traffic Colission on Thursday, on the A21 Sevenoaks/Tonbridge road.  An accident involving an ambulance, on call was involved in a crash with a cement lorry.  The ambulance driver was a young lass aged 21, who had recently qualified along with my granddaughter to be.  Alice, the paramedic was pronounced dead some two hours later.  What a sad sad loss.  RIP Alice Love.xx


  • ChivetalkingChivetalking Leigh-on-Sea Posts: 2,295
    I am sorry for your loss Mike Allen and for the drivers family, such a young age a tragedy indeed. 
  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 35,528
    I was deeply shocked and saddened to read this post of yours Mike - a young life, striving to work to help others, cut off so cruelly. My thoughts are with you and her family.
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  • YessicaHaircutYessicaHaircut Sussex coastPosts: 114
    What a terrible tragedy. I'm so sorry for your family's loss.
  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,001
    How terribly sad. Please accept my condolences, so very sorry for your loss.
  • Valley GardenerValley Gardener Rhondda ValleyPosts: 2,705
    That is so sad,sincere condolences,to you and the family of that young girl.
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  • didywdidyw East SuffolkPosts: 2,599
    Oh Mike - what a terrible, terrible loss.  My sincere condolences.
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