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Broad bean height.

Hello. I grew broad beans before, aquadulce claudia and they only grew a maximum of two foot high. My question is, what is the main influencing factor? Seed type, soil type or what I'm thinking- the length of the growing season. Please your opinion! Or raw facts.


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    I also grow Aquadulce 'Claudia' ... Mine grew to at least 3' before I nip the tops out when I start picking at the mid to end of May  I sow in late October.  

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • I'm sure you've addressed it: I pinched the tops out too soon.
  • The height of broad beans is mainly variety, followed closely by weather and soil conditions.
    I never pinch out the tops of my broad beans as I have discovered because my garden is windy most of the time I never have blackfly to contend with. I grow Aquadulce which reach around 4ft tall. I have to put canes in around them and weave string between them to stop them blowing over. My main problem is mice.
    I have to start my beans off indoors, planting them outside when they no longer depend on the bean seed. The mice dig up the bean seed to eat within 24 hrs of them being sown.
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