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Growing garlic

I planted 2 varieties of garlic in 4 containers in early Dec. They are all up now with about 4 inches of leaf showing, just in time for the coming cold snap which garlic needs to crop well, hopefully.
I have given up trying to grow garlic straight into the soil, it suffers badly from mould. In containers it seems to grow much better. We shall see how it does as I gave up trying to grow it for a couple of years.


  • I bought ten triple packs of organic garlic straight from Tesco and put them straight in the ground on Nov 2. Their almost all up. I'm aiming for a supply to last most of the year.
  • Have I read that right? You bought 10x3=30 bulbs?! How many individual cloves for planting did that give you, about 150/200? That's a lot of garlic.
    Or did you plant the bulbs whole without separating the cloves?
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    Someone really likes garlic. I use about 100 bulbs a year and we are practically addicted to the stuff.
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    @Joyce Goldenlily let us know how the experiment turns out  :)
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  • I have got hardneck, Carcasson White and softneck Solent white. Also a pink variety (which I can't remember).
    Cypriot friend said start planting in the summer - I started some off on October and have been successional planting, with some  still to go in this month. All doing well, so far.
  • Yes that was right loads of it. But I don't know how long it'll keep. Done to fill the space up really. Probably give it away.
  • I grow 200 plus garlic. This year I have set 63 Elephant, 80 Rhapsody White and 86 Provence White. I try to save my own seeds but last year white Rot decimated the normal garlic but hardly touched the Elephant so i have had to buy new stock. I have tried the garlic powder trick this season. It worked perfectly well on my onion bed. I think the problem with last year when I treated the bed with garlic powder it was only about a month before I set the cloves . This year I treated it at the height of the summer so fingers crossed. The other thing that I learnt last year is not to water my onions so I am not watering the garlic either this year. Yes I set a lot but my wife uses a lot and we seldom get colds.
  • My garlic in containers are all doing well. Totally unaffected by the 3 storms we have just had. The leaves are now about 12 ins tall and looking healthy.

    So far, so good.

  • Another garlic lover here.  Only ever grown them in the ground before but now in this garden, space is at a premium so be interested to know how your container grown ones do @Joyce Goldenlily.  Do please feel free to exhale the fumes when you post an update :D
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    In my experience containers work well.
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