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When to pot on thunbergia alata/black-eyed susan?

Hi everyone, I've been growing plants from seeds for the first time - thunbergia alata. I sowed them in November/December, 3 seeds to a plug, and some of them seem to be doing ok I think (I hope, anyway!). I was wondering whether I need to separate the taller seedlings into their own plugs, or whether they're ok to share a plug until they're planted outside around May? Does anyone have either general advice or advice for thunbergias specifically? 

ps excuse the mini obelisks - I watched a video that said they needed them, spent like an hour making them for my first batch, and then 2 weeks later learnt that they were (with hindsight, obviously) useless for seedlings haha. Oops. Live and learn.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,738
    I think they’ll be fine left together and you could then plant them out as they are in clumps  …. 

    But if you want to plant them out individually eventually,  then I’d separate them now,  as my experience is they’ll get very entangled with each other and you may damage them when trying to disentangle them later. 
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  • Thanks @Dovefromabove, that's really helpful. If they're alright being kept together I'll leave them like that. Was planning to plant them altogether anyway :)
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