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Help with re-potting??

Reb_tReb_t Oxfordshire Posts: 39
Happy New Year!
Can anyone please tell me what to do with this plant??
Some of its leaves are going yellow, and I think it needs re-potting as the roots are coming out the bottom of the pot.
I don't want it to die on me 🙈
Do I need to re-pot in bigger container or can I split it? And if so, how do I do it, and what type of soil do I need? 
Thank you all!


  • Your plant definitely needs repotting into a larger pot. If you do not want a bigger plant taking up more room, divide your plant into 2 pieces, splitting it down the centre. There are specific houseplant composts available in garden centres. The job can be done anytime with houseplants, give it a good drink after repotting, let it drain then continue caring for it as you have been doing as it looks very healthy and happy.
  • Is this your spathiphyllum? Of course, it needs to be transplanted, but it is better to wait until February if you do not have additional lighting. And I would have pulled it out of the planter. Spathiphyllum does not like waterlogging of the roots
  • AthelasAthelas CambridgeshirePosts: 645
    edited 1 January
    Happy new year! I would cut off the brown or yellow leaves with a clean knife or pair of scissors, you can do that now.

    Here’s a video of how to repot a peace lily into a larger pot — she refers to ‘soil’ but it is houseplant compost which can be bought online or at a local garden centre. Don’t use actual soil 😄 I use a peat-free houseplant compost or potting mix (they’re the same type of thing, just called different names).

    If you want to divide it, here’s another video showing how to do that:
  • Reb_tReb_t Oxfordshire Posts: 39
    OK thank you for your help. 
    Yes it says it is a spath....etc on the pot!
    I will definitely re-pot it.
    I've just left it to its own devices really, just watered it about once a week!
  • AthelasAthelas CambridgeshirePosts: 645
    edited 1 January
    Once a week sounds about right; only water when the inner plastic pot feels light in your hands and let it drain out so it’s not sitting in water within its decorative holder (which you are probably doing already anyway). 

    Good luck, let us know how it goes and if you have any other questions!
  • JennyJJennyJ DoncasterPosts: 6,624
    You could probably split it into three or four plants if you want too. When you get it out of the pot, you should be able to see the natural places between the "crowns" where it would split. You can take off the yellow leaves too - they won't turn back to green and it'll look much better without them. Pull or snip them off right at the bottom of the stalk.
  • Reb_tReb_t Oxfordshire Posts: 39
    Thank you for the links and advice, really helpful.
    I will get some compost and then see if I can split it. 
    I'll snip off the yellow leaves and drain the water!!
    Thanks everyone so much.
    Happy new year to you all! 
  • Balgay.HillBalgay.Hill Posts: 696
    If it was mine i would use 2:1 John Innes 2 and Perlite.
    Sunny Dundee
  • Reb_tReb_t Oxfordshire Posts: 39
    Great, I will look for that 👌 
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 7,879
    Word of warning,they neither like being re potted or divided
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