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Overwintering zantedeschia (White arum lilly)

Hi all, 
What would be the best winter care for these lilies? Do I need to cut down the leaves? Mulch them? Feed them? I also noticed today that their stems were full of slugs.
I planted them 2 years ago and they flowered well their first summer. Last year I left them as they were, only removing mushy leaves in spring, this summer I had masses of leaves but hardly any flowers. 
Many thanks


  • Ours go in and out for flowering.
    We have them growing next to one of our ponds.
    We don't do anything and allow them to die back but we do put some mulch over the plants.
    This year they flowered really well but then maybe next year they will have a year off.
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    Hello kippsattacks. Similar to bertrand-mabel, my Zantedeschia lives by my pond and I do nothing to it at all. I don't mulch mine as I think this is where slugs may harbour over wnter. So far in the years the plant has been in it has flowered steadily every year - not masses of flowers though.
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