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I dont know mich about orchids. 
Can someone tell me what this is and if its a flower or should be in soil? 
Its bot flowered in 2 years
Many thanks


  • BiljeBilje Posts: 670
    That’s an air root not a flowering shoot.The pot looks a little dry. I water by putting pot in a bowl and filling bowl with water to top of pot and leaving to soak for a half hour or so. I’d do that every two weeks in winter just to keep the orchid ticking over. 
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 7,727
    Make sure it's orchid compost,which is really bark. Disagree about soaking, especially in winter. Rainwater ideally. In winter, mine get watered every 2, weeks,placed on drainer,water through,no soaking. I only feed when there is flowers. To persuade them to re flower,put them somewhere without heat and light for about 6 weeks. They think they have been on holiday. After many years growing and visiting Mcbeans orchids near Lewes,chap said do not leave them in those transparent pots,the light causes algae along with over watering,rots the roots. Just means put the transparent one     inside a nice China (whatever) pot. They also appreciate a spray of rain water on the leaves
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