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New turf yellowing

Hi, I moved into a new build in September, where we had new turf laid in our back garden. When we moved in it looked healthy,vibrant and green. I left it before mowing it twice and then left it for the winter months. I have noticed the grass in  places has a yellow edge to its blade  it has rained a fair bit so not dry. I have also noticed that other places around the estate have the same problem. I  am wondering if it is the poor condition of the soil. What can do? Do I  wait for spring and hope its not too late? My neighbour"s gardens either side look fine. The grass is definitely greener over there!


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 47,159
    Have you got a photo @jgibbs088?
    However, even without one, I hate to say it but, new builds are notorious for having poor soil and loads of rubbish below ground, and the turf just gets bunged down on top of it. If you're lucky, they might have put a thin layer of topsoil in first, but the outcome is often the same. 
    Grass doesn't need a huge depth of soil to do well, but it needs a reasonable level of half decent growing medium to stay healthy, and plenty of water until well established. Your neighbours may well have been luckier, or they've improved the area and redone their grass, and possibly fed it a lot.

    It will tend to look poorer at this time of year too, so it may not be a huge problem  :)
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  • Try a thin application of lime...unless you know your soil is leaning towards alkaline. pH kits can be got from the GC quite cheaply. As a rough rule of thumb grass doesn't prefer acidic soil conditions given a choice.
    Grass likes good drainage too.
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