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Bird feeding & bird flu

Hello everyone,

First-time poster here, so I'm really sorry if I've accidentally put this in the wrong area or anything!

I'm quite new to both gardening and bird-feeding, so hoping for some more experienced thoughts. I wondered if any of you have any advice on bird feeding, with regards to the current bird flu outbreak? I have only had a garden since this spring (so happy finally to have one!), and started feeding the birds on my patio. Now it's cold, I get quite a range of your usual suburban garden birds coming to eat the mixture of seed and suet pellets which I put out. They didn't really take to my feeders for some reason, and I don't have a lot of time to clean out or wash the feeders, so I've ended up instead just sprinkling the food on my patio first thing every morning. I also put out a little bird bath full of water.

What can I do to try and stop bird flu transmission? I've been changing the water in the bird bath every day. And trying to rotate the areas where I sprinkle the seed each day. Am I being unkind in persisting in feeding them, given the circumstances - would it be better to stop so I don't put them at risk of all catching bird flu from sharing food? I'm worried about where else they would find food in this weather, especially as they're used to me feeding them by now.

Thanks very much for any advice :)


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