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Polka dot Begonia (maculata)

Hello!! I am somewhat new to houseplants, however very new to the Begonia Maculata. Lately I have been noticing these little slits/cracks/translucent holes in the plant. I have searched the internet endlessly and cannot find a post that resonates with my issue. I’ve checked for mechanical damage and there are no bugs on the plant. I noticed SOME very minor webbing around one part of the plant but after wiping it off, it hasn’t come back so I would assume it’s just dust. Also researched that spider mites are not common on these plants. I fought powdery mildew on this plant in the past from my own errors (leaves were getting wet from humidifier) but as of now it’s facing a window that provides bright indirect light, it’s grouped with other high humidity plants. I water it every 10 days allowing the water to drain and soil to dry between waterings and it gets humidity from my cool mist humidifier.  It’s putting out leaves, however I do not know what’s causing this issue. It is even starting to show up on my new growth. I will attach pictures. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks :) 
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