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Sweetpeas and garlic

I sowed my sweetpeas about a month ago in tall thumb pots. They have been left to their own devices on a table outside the conservatory, facing West, no protection or covering.
The first little humps have appeared in the last 2 days. I have given them a sprinkle of slug pellets and have my fingers crossed the mice do not find the rest of the seed before they sprout. Mice lose interest in the seeds once they have sprouted, the little beasts.
The garlic I planted at the same time, in pots down the garden, have also put up about 3 ins of leaf growth. I have tried growing garlic in the soil without success so have resorted to planting it in pots which seems to work.
Tiny flower buds are also appearing on my winter flowering honey suckle and new shoots have appeared on the autumn flowering clematis which I thought had died.

The first signs of a new season.


  • My mice don't! They aren't interested in the sprouts though, so they just bite them off and leave them lying on top of the soil for me to find  :'(
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