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Is this a girdling root?

Hello dear friends,

This is a 5 years old ginkgo biloba tree that was buried in a pot and I planted 16 months ago but now trying to figure out the flare, is this big root I’m pointing at a girdling root? should I remove it? I’m not sure the tree will survive cutting such a big root! is this tree doomed then? what about the other crossing root on the right? should I cut that? and there’s this big root in the middle that comes from above the flare? should this one be cut too? Maybe I should take the tree out and plant it again or go buy another one that might be the same? It is dormant now, never had such a problematic tree! maybe it’s the norm with ginkgos I don’t know!

Any advice is appreciated, thanks so much!


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 79,336
    I wouldn’t worry about it … let the tree settle … it’ll sort itself out. It’s been planted 16 months and you’ll  only damage it by trying to do anything to the roots out now. 

    I would cover the surface roots with soil and mulch the root area with composted bark or similar. I think it’ll be fine. 

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  • Thank you dear dovefromabove for your insightful advice.
    I decided to leave all these roots alone and mulch lightly. I hope everything works fine with this ginkgo
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