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Unhappy Dwarf Musa

Would anyone share any tips on how to coax this back to a happier state of mind please? 

It's approx 2' tall, in a pot 50% size of the outer blue one. 

I don't think it's over or under watered and it's not in direct sun or by a radiator. I mist it occasionally and it's away from draughts. 

Would feeding help? If so what is best?

Should I remove the lower browning leaves and leave the two top ones? The top right leaf is browning on the extreme tip a iny bit now too. 


  • PlantmindedPlantminded WirralPosts: 989
    Hi there, have you been feeding your plant over the summer months?  Yellowing leaves can be a sign that the plant is hungry but they also brown naturally as the plant ages and grows.  

    Although repotting is normally advised in the Spring, I think your plant may be potbound and it could do with repotting into a larger inner pot now.  Use John Innes No 3 compost rather than the lighter houseplant compost. The new compost will provide sufficient nutrients over winter - the plant will now be dormant so won't need much feeding.

    To avoid shocking the plant, I would remove the brownest of your lower three leaves now.  Keep an eye on the other two and remove them when they show continued browning, but stagger the removal.

    Keep watering your plant over the next three months, but just keep the compost moist to the touch, not wet as the roots are prone to rotting if overwatered in Winter.  Feed your plant in the Spring using a well balanced houseplant liquid feed and it should revive in its new pot and compost. 

    Here's a link with some more information: Indoor Banana Plant: How To Grow Banana Inside (  I hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the detailed advice, really helpful 😀 fingers crossed
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