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Spray system for greenhouse

I am looking to buy a spray mist type of watering system for my small greenhouse. It is for when I have my seed trays germinating and I have to be away for a week or two. Other discussions I have seen are more drip based and wondered if anyone uses and could recommend a spray
mist one ?


  • Personally, I would recommend capillary matting, fed from a large trough.  The seedlings can then take what water they need.  If the misting supplies too much, they are likely to rot-off.   My (many moons ago) experience with an automatic greenhouse misting system was a disaster, as I was inexperienced and used it to water tomatoes, which should have their leaves kept dry.  It resulted in them getting just about every tomato fungal disease going, which is how I learnt to recognise so many!
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  • Thanks for your advice Bob, I will give that a go next year and see how I get on 
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,343
    Agree with Bob,or Jac,sow the seeds when you get back. Growing is like having a pet,if you have to go away you have to arrange day care,haha.
  • We take our pet with us and on occasion taken the plants too 😀
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