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Morning everyone,

We have recently been given this Lily. After a quick google, I think it's "Lilium - Star Gazer".

I understand that they can be planted outside which would be nice. It's just coming into flower but can anyone give me any advice about when/how to plant outside please?

We have some sunny and partial shade borders which I think would be suitable.

Many thanks,



  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 46,474
    I'd wait until spring to plant the bulbs outside. That's the usual sort of time for them to be available for planting. A sunny site, with adequate moisture, but not waterlogged, and just plant at around three times the depth of the bulb. Put a label in beside them, so that you don't forget they're there.

    That pot [ of 3?] will have been forced, which is why they're in flower just now. They're summer flowering plants. They may not flower next summer, but they'll settle in and be fine, and will multiply once they're happy   :)

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  • JennyJJennyJ DoncasterPosts: 6,164
    Enjoy the flowers indoors while they last, but be careful of the pollen as it stains anything it gets on to. And if you have a cat, put the plant where they can't get near it because the pollen in poisonous to them so you don't want them getting it on their fur and then licking it. I generally remove the stamens if I have lily flowers in the house, for both reasons. After the flowers go over you can stand the pot in a sheltered place outside. The green growth will die back and you can plant the bulbs out in the spring.
  • Thanks for the information @Fairygirl and @JennyJ. I will do just that. We don't have any cats but someone warned me about the pollen so I'll look out for that.

    Many thanks,

  • UffUff SW Scotland but born in DerbyshirePosts: 1,747
    A tip from me as a florist in my previous life. When the flowers open or straight away in the case of yours, put your fingers around the anther and gently pull it away from the filament. It will stain your fingers but better that than carpets, rugs, paintwork or furniture.
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