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Tree advice needed

Good afternoon .
 I wonder if anyone could offer any advice , there is a tree at the bottom of my garden what I think is some kind of very old cherry blossom . Quite a few of the branches look to be dead and brittle . I’ve also noticed a few big bits of fungus growing from the tree trunk towards the bottom which worried me Then other day when the storm hit us I noticed the full tree was moving . Ie swaying in the wind the tree also seems to be growing or leaning to the left  Ide expect the branches to move but it’s really concerned me that the full trunk was moving . Is this normal ? It breaks my heart to think about felling this tree as I really like it and a pair of tree sparrows nest in the bird box . Do you think the best thing to do would be fell ? 
Any advice would be great.


  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,254
    It may fell itself. First thing is to check what it would hit if it does fall.
    The bracket fungus is a sign that the tree is rotting internally. The ivy will add to the wind load on the tree so may eventually contribute to its downfall. The recent storm was powerful though so there would have been much more movement than normal. Best course of action is to get a professional opinion after inspecting the tree.

  • Thanks for that 
  • Our neighbour has a large laburnum tree which is now fading away and we just remove all the dead wood every year to help reduce problems with wind. If you take out the dead wood and see how it flowers in spring it will give you a good idea of its health. If there is more dead than alive, or if it doesn't put on much of a display then it's probably reached the end of its life. You need to prune cherries in the late spring or summer (removing dead wood where you don't cut into living tissue is ok) and it's reaction to the pruning will also tell you about its health. If you get good new growth then it may be with you for a few years yet.
    The bracket fungus is a sign that the heartwood is rotting but you have a lot of limbs on the tree, unless these are already dead, and losing limbs is a sign that it's quite far gone. If you can take out the dead material then again it will tell you how far gone the tree is.
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