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Peace lily

Hello everyone.

I'm having trouble with my peace lily. I bought her 3-4 years ago as a small plant and I've tried to look after her carefully ever since. Even as recently as 3 months ago, she flowered having about 15 beautiful white flowers at once.

However over the last 6 months I've noticed the ends of her leaves browning/yellowing, and other leaves going completely yellow. More recently, there's a couple of leaves with brown spreading up them. She is also looking just a bit sad.

I try to water her when her soil is starting to dry and she is slightly starting to droop. I feed her twice per year. I have been a bit lax with misting & dusting her recently. 

Can anyone help?



  • They don't much like central heating and the dry atmosphere it gives and I also suspect yours would appreciate re-potting into a larger pot with fresh compost. If it has produced all those flowers, it will have exhausted the nutrients in that small pot.
    It is not unusual for one or two of the older leaves to die off, they don't last forever, but the brown tips suggest dry air may be the cause.
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 7,910
    Don't repot it now, wait till spring,be warned, they don't like being repotted. Lower leaves do sometimes go yellow,I just cut them off close to the stem. They hate sun, mine are both in a north facing bathroom.
  • Thanks for the replies. 

    I've got her away from the radiators but honestly she turned before they were switched on for winter. Humidity in the room is 55%.

    I was thinking of repotting her at some point. I've also had suggestions that she is too big and should be split......any thoughts?

    I'll trim off her yellow leaves and be better about misting her regularly. 
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 7,910
    I split mine last year,oddly enough so did my best friend. Hers died completely, the bigger half of mine only surviving
  • I split mine last year,oddly enough so did my best friend. Hers died completely, the bigger half of mine only surviving
    Oh gosh, that puts me off. I mean I've always liked her as she is but she does rather dominate the living room, which annoys the gf slightly.
  • I split mine too. It was fine and flowered well. 

    I would gently tip it out of the pot and have a look if it needs splitting and how moist it is far down. 

  • Valley GardenerValley Gardener Rhondda ValleyPosts: 2,535
    I inherited mine with the house,it was a pathetic specimen as it was in a silvery bucket with no drain holes. I repotted it,and put it in the bathroom,where its grown quite large,and flowers every so often. The odd brown or yellow leaves appear which I cut off near the bottom. They are such good tempered plants,letting you know when they want a drink. 
    Yours looks a similar size @phil.jennings91a4tsctHg 
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  • I agree with all the previous comments but I find that placing the plant on a saucer of water containing pebbles or clay granules (ensuring that the base of the pot itself is not in the water) helps to promote humidity and stop the leaves browning at the tips.
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