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manure and roses

A friend gave me a bag of well rotted horse manure and said i can use it to mulch my roses now. Do i just place it around the stems or dig it in slightly?
Can i also use it on a patch of grass which isn’t growing as well as the rest of my lawn? Thanks 


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,974
    Well rotted manure is great for roses.
    Spread it around the bushes, but keep it a few inches clear of the main stem. Don't dig it in as you'll damage the rose roots.
    Personally I'd wait until Spring (late Feb/March).
    If you put it down now, the winter rains will wash all the goodness out of the manure, and by Spring when your roses start growing, all the goodness will have been washed away.
    But if you do do it now, it will still improve the soil around your roses.
    It's not ideal for grass due to its fibrous nature, but a light dusting may help.

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