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Fig Winter Care


We've been given a small Fig tree around 60cm tall, it's currently in a well draining pot around 45cm diameter by 45cm tall.

We're about to put it in a collapsible metal framed, plastic covered green house for the winter which will mean it doesn't get rained on.

I'd love some advise on watering over the winter. We live in SE London, plant will be against a wooden fence facing south.


  • Do you know which fig species it is? Brown turkey is the common one and it's very hardy and shouldn't need any protection (some whilst young is a good idea though) in the average winter.
    Some species are much less cold tolerant, with some really needing protection.  
  • Hello, thanks for your reply!

    It is a Brown Turkey. Do you have any advice on watering?
  • If you have it under some cover then just make sure the soil doesn't dry out, slightly moist is ok. They don't want it to wet. 
    Ones that are left outside generally don't need any watering until temperatures heat up but if it's in a warmer situation where it doesn't get any rain then you might want to check it once a week but it probably won't need much water for the next few months. I watered the cuttings I overwintered in the greenhouse last year, only when the top inch or so of soil had dried out.
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