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what is this weed?

This stays green all year - looks like some kind of bindweed. The leaves are opposite right from the bottom to the top of the plant (has twirled itself up to 8' +) they stay in the same plane so seen from above it is like an old aeroplane propeller not a cross.  There are no flowers; it is vigorous despite the stems remaining quite slender throughout. Have tried digging out some areas but the roots are very strong and form a dense mat.  Isolated some of the stems and sprayed leaves with systemic - they died off but plant remains as strong as ever!  The plant is in a border with black currant, roses and an apple tree which is quite well tended but was the last area to tackle this year (discovering the blackcurrant underneath!!!)
Location West Cumbria. Hope you can help!


  • Looks and sounds like jasmine which can be a real thug. They do flower but some can have very small flowers so it's easy not to notice them.
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    Jasminium Beesianum
    It's a pest here. Comes from next door😡
    Don't try to unwind it when the stems are alive. Snip it as close to the ground as possible and when the stems are dead, you are less likely to damage your plants removing them. I don't use weedkiller so can't comment on the most effective one.
    I  look out for new shoots and snip them off when I see them - usually, but not always before they've wound around something.
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  • Will look at varieties of Jasmine but the leaves seem different - they aren't glossy (like the evergreen jasmine) and seem too long and thin - but it's a start - thanks!
  • B3 followed the jasmine trail and I think this looks like it!  Frightening to think people actually buy this!!  Thank you both!
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    This is the *@£%&%*

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    I have the one pictured above and it keeps it's leaves all winter if it's mild. It is a real thug but the bees love it and it is controllable if you really keep on top of its sprawling growth. It can hide ugly objects quickly and ours covers the shed. 
    We never bought it and I wouldn't add one but it came through the fence and even though I keep it stripped back so it doesn't spread further, because the neighbours don't do anything it always tries to come back and I'd never get it all out, so we made the best we could of it.

    I just pull it up when I see bits where they shouldn't be.
  • There are places where I realise it will be too disruptive to try to move so will try your method of "control", The Victorian, and hope I get some sweet smelling flowers in the spring!
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    I don't think they smell but it's a long time since I've allowed it / them to flower.
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