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  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 33,882
    A very good morning one and all.
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    There is a hard frost outside this morning. Lily is snugged up next to the radiator. My tea tastes especially delicious and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.
    Ante, your post wasn't there when I signed out so I burst out laughing when I saw the name of your new rose Someone with a good sense of humour named that one unless its named after the smallest antelope in the world - the dik dik:
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    Cacoethes: An irresistible urge to do something inadvisable
  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 33,882
    Biglad, that is an amazing picture, He/she will be looking for somewhere to hide away for the winter.
    Chive that is a great picture of the swimmers - not sure that I would be brave enough to try that though I have heard it is a wonderful experience.
    SGL and Busy, I thought that the right one left Strictly last night.
    Cacoethes: An irresistible urge to do something inadvisable
  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 33,882
    Ante, I have been meaning to ask if you are missing taking your Italian tourists around or is it more peaceful without that. When things get back to some kind of 'normal' will you be able to continue these tours alongside your vegetable and fruit growing business?
    Cacoethes: An irresistible urge to do something inadvisable
  • Morning everyone,   Brrrrr it looks chilly outside this morning 🥶 
    Aww, that's a cute photo LB 
    Yes out of the two,  the right one went, but didn't think the right two were in the dance off. 
    Going to go festive shopping today, hopefully I'll get a few bits 🤞
    Time for a cup of tea.
  • Hazel foot isn’t too bad, it aches a bit, how are you?  Chive I hope you’ll soon be on the other side of your cold.  I might have to go for an x ray just to be sure, but waiting in a&e is not something to look forward to.  I might see if the small hospital in the town’s minor injuries unit is functioning, but you can’t just go down you need to ring up.  Hazel mum and dad need more rest these days, but they’re sleeping better thank you.  Biglad a healthy looking fellow.  It looks like he’s eating well.  Lily I wouldn’t feel like jumping in for a swim either, brrr.  I’m washed and dressed and ready for a cup of tea.  Apparently, the temperatures drop this week, get ready to wrap up.
  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 33,882
    Good morning SGL and RosieBB.
    SGL, I hope that your shopping today is successful.
    RosieBB it is 0°C outside here - the coldest morning so far. I do hope that you manage to get an x-ray appointment if you feel that it might be wise.
    Cacoethes: An irresistible urge to do something inadvisable
  • Ante1Ante1 Senj, CroatiaPosts: 2,048
    Good morning LB, SGL, ROsie and all to follow.

    SGL,enjoy at festive shopping. I certainly would.

    Rosie, it's wise to make x rays. Then you will be at peace when you find out everything.

    LB, I don't know after whats this rose get her name, but it's pretty awkward, isn't it. I'm missing my tours with Italians, but those hunters which I met yesterday was from Italy. I don't like them because they shoot at everything what moves in the wild. Sadly, we have hunting tourism as well and I think how sad must be country to sell her own nature and animals for hunt.

    Foggy and rainy morning here. I have my tea then some paperwork waits to be sorted.
  • ChivetalkingChivetalking Leigh-on-Sea Posts: 2,084
    Good Morning LB, SGL, Bluebells & Ante and all to follow, a bright crisp start today,
    LB Brrr you have a very cold start, no a cold dip doesn’t appeal to me either,
    SGL I hope you find lots of goodies in your festive shopping, hope it goes well,
    Bluebells A sensible idea to try and arrange an X-ray, I hope you are able to visit the smaller unit in town it’s worth calling them, 
    Ante That is a sad thought, I can understand your feelings towards the hunters killing for sport. I hope your week gets off to a good start,
    Have a good Monday everyone. 
  • RubeeRubee Posts: 7,717
    Good morning everyone .You are a chatty lot this morning .Big Lad love your pic .Chive there is no way I would venture into water as cold as that .lovely pics LB .Lily enjoy your shopping.Bluebell I hope you can get an appointment at the small hospital .Ante it is sad when you hear of killing for sport . I wish it was banned world wide .
  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 33,882
    Morning Ante and Chive. Ante, I share your disgust at tourism hunting - who can forget that dreadful story about the American dentist who shot that wonderful lion in Africa - despite the fact he was wearing a tracking collar which showed he was part of a long term study?
    Cacoethes: An irresistible urge to do something inadvisable
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