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Thermo regulation in greenhouse, advice please

I have a greenhouse and have a heater which I turn on and off in the winter but ideally I want it to kick in when the temperature drops below a set level and turn of when it reaches a set level. I read another post from which I undertsood you could buy a plugwhich you plugged the heater into which does just that. I've looked online and its bit over whelming. I don't need to be able to manage the settings from my phone, I just want to be able to set min/max temps. Recommendations please? (Ok Is hould have bought a heater that did that itself but I didn't)


  • Extra info, I have one of these:
    My calculation of the greenhouse tells me the heater is upto the volume.
    Looking again, it implies it should go off but it doesn't?
  • That one already has a built-in thermostat (right-hand control), so can be set to maintain any minimum temperature you like, and it will only come on when the temp. drops below that.  The problem you have is that it doesn't seem to have a scale in degrees, so you don't know where to turn it to.  However, you can work that out, but will need to wait for a cold day, when the temp in the GH (measured with a thermometer) drops to your preferred minimum temperate.  At that point, turn the right-hand control slowly clockwise, until the heater comes on.  Use a marker pen to mark that position on the scale.  Done. :)
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  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,277
    It does have a built-in thermostat, it's just not graduated in degrees.

    If you turn the thermostat from Min to Max you should hear it click at around whatever the current temperature is.
    If you can hear a click from the thermostat then it should be working.
    Then with a bit of trial and error you adjust it to the temperature you want and it should switch on and off automatically
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