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Cherry tree pollination

I have the following cherry trees all in close proximity 
Starking Hardy Giant 
Maliga Emleke
Erdi Nagy gyümölcsû ( big fruit ) 

I believe the Starking HG is group 3, Alex self fertile and the Maliga and Erdi pollinate one another - can someone please confirm. 
I want to add a Vega cherry tree but I’m unable to find the pollination group 
can someone please advise and would it pollinate from one of the others in the group of trees which I already have 


  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,764
    Vega is a late variety described as being in pollination group D here in the UK which possibly translates as group 4. I don't think any of these varieties are common in the UK, where are you located?
  • Thanks 
    I am a Brit living in Hungary 
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