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Moving peonies via a pot!

hi all - I know September is the best time to move peonies but I’m moving next year in November and moving nearly 300 miles from where I currently live. Has anyone had success putting them into large pots and keeping them in the pot for a few months (I’m thinking maybe September until Spring the following year) whilst I get the garden sorted out and decide where I want them! 


  • newbie77newbie77 Posts: 1,784
    Yes I did that and they were fine. I kept three peonies in pots from July until next spring and peonies were alright. 
    South West London
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,911
    I have had peonies in a pot for a year or so, and l can't see any harm in doing that. I think the main thing would be to make sure they're not planted too deeply.
    Got to be worth a try  :)
  • I did just that when we moved house. I lifted them, put them into pots in October 2017 and they remained in pots until March 2019. We didn't move in until August 2018. The garden was a mess, had to be completely redone. 
    When they were finally in the ground they flowered their socks off, best show of flowers ever.  They have flowered really well ever since.
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