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Advice for a greenhouse heater please

I am getting electricity into my 6'x8' greenhouse. Does anyone have any recommendations for a heater and whether it should have a thermostat on it or if a thermostat plug is better. 


  • I've had a cheap little Montana 2000 for years and have no cause for complaint. It has a heat control, it's set on frost free (except if I want to work in the GH and it's really cold!) and my plants all survive.  My GH is 8x12, but I do bubble wrap it well, as it can get very cold up here.
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    A thermostatic plug with its own sensor (often attached by a thin cable) work well, as you can place the sensor amongst your most sensitive plants and set it to just above their minimum required temperature.  You can even get those with a remote control with display, if you can spend a bit more - I have one of these.  If you just need to keep it frost-free, then the type with a built-in thermostat set to frost-free setting work just fine (and is one thing less to go wrong.)
    PS: I use an electric fan heater with the device above.
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  • A thermostatic plug! That's excat;y what I need. I have a greenhouse heater with heat setting & fan speed but it means I have to remember to turn it on & off and if its going to freeze in the early hours of the morning I have to turn it on in the evening so its on before it needs to be. I have had a look and there are so many of these plugs. Please can people give me examples of ones they are using?
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