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Gardening Express - Problems

Sue9Sue9 Posts: 1
I too am having problems with Gardening Express after buying 3 magnolias (all different) earlier this year.  All failed to break dormancy and grow.  The plants were also smaller than the stated size.  Have tried numerous times to e-mail + message them on their website - with no success.  There is no telephone number to contact them direct.  Have now seen all the complaints on Trustpilot - so the problem with this Company has been going on for years.  Just a shame I didn't think to look at the reviews on Trust Pilot before I ordered.  Thanks for advice on contacting Credit Card Company - hopefully they will be able to help me.  I will probably also contact Trading Standards.  I buy a lot of plants on-line from other reputable Companies and have never had any problem with replacement or refunds.  Gardening Express is the exception and is a Company I will never deal with again and would definitely not recommend it.


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 50,221
    No one ever really recommends it on this forum  :)

    If I was buying something like a Magnolia, I'd use a proper nursery. These sorts of places aren't growers of plants, they're just retail outlets dealing in cheap, easily turned over products. Quantity not quality .
    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • I placed two orders with them earlier this year at the sale. Most plants arrived well and in decent size. One delphinium arrived with powdery mildew all over it so I contacted them online and sent photos etc, but they insisted that it was normal and had no problem at all, which was quite disappointing. 

    So I guess going forward I'll only buy from them if they have real bargains (like the tree lily bulbs and dahlia bulbs I bought from them for like £1 for a pack of 3), as customer service for plants that arrive in a poor condition just can't be relied on.

    In contrast, a few plants that I bought from SGC which arrived in poor conditions, they refunded me immediately without any issue at all. 
  • LynLyn Posts: 21,343
    Found this on Facebook,  companies don’t usually like bad reviews on there,  you could try this number.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • FireFire Posts: 17,116
    The company get a lot of bad reviews.
  • Anemone Hybrida Bressingham Glow Japanese Anemone SKU P22155 £14.99 and Anemone hupehensis Splendens Windflower SKU P22183 £14.97 delivered 23 August 2022 Keep in mind these are 'in-season' right now!
    I expected these to be delivered in a similar condition to the Anemone hupehensis 'Red Riding Hood' Japanese Anemone Windflower, that is, 'in-season, strong, healthy, full of buds, flowers and shoots'. They weren't. They aren't.
    These are short, stubby scrawny, almost lifeless plants with wilting foliage, no flowers, no buds, highly unlikely to have any flowers at all this year 2022!
    'Autumn', Gardening Expresses' Quick Messaging System agent advised me 'This is a young specimen and will thrive once settled'.
    If I wanted two 'young specimen' I'd have ordered two 'young specimen' and they wouldn't have cost me £29.96 but more like £4.99 each!
    It is already mid-Summer heading into late-Summer with Autumn 'just around the corner'.
    I've not spent £29.96 for Gardening Express to deliver me two 'young specimen' in 3-litre pots for me to grow myself, I've spent £29.96 to have premium quality 3-litre 'in-season' plants delivered full of buds and flowers!
    Furthermore, the Plant Passport: A ANEMONE, B BE- C week 13/16 2021!
    And Gardening Express expects us to pay 'return postage'? Unbelievable!

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