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Mushrooms exploding out across my lawn

Hello, very novice gardener here. we have had the garden for circa 18 months, this mushroom has just exploded out all over it, eminating from an old tree stump in the border.  didnt appear here last year.  Seems to be expanding at pace across the lawn.  Should i be worried, and how would i remove if so? I saw a seperate post refering to Sulphur Tuft - is this the same? (ps apologies - two of the pics appear to be upside down! I confirm this is poor picture skills not unusual planting!)



  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,475
    Same question as the other post, can you show us the underside of a couple of specimens?
  • here you go! attached a few different ones as they look slighly different depending on how recent they are... 

    thank you so much in advance

  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,475
    Sulphur tuft I think based on the colour of the gills in the first photo. It is feeding on the stump and the buried roots which is why it appears over a wide area. You would need to dig out the stump and all the roots to remove it so it might be easier just to let them get on with their recycling work.
  • thank you so much - will do as you advise and leave them to do their job!
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