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Black mould peppers and tomatoes - safe?

Hi all - I’ve been ripening off the last of my tomatoes and peppers in my greenhouse. Unfortunately black mould has spread throughout really quickly. It’s a shame because some larger peppers such as my Romano’s are finally ready after a slow summer and they’ve got the mould on. It does wipe off but is it unsafe to eat? Also I was planning on over wintering the pepper plants in the greenhouse to get a better start next year rather than from seedlings; but are they infected beyond repair now and have to be destroyed?


  • When we harvest apples and pears we do cut out the areas that are damaged.
    You could possibly do this with the toms and peppers but I don't think overwintering them will work especially being infected.
    You need to remove all the plants and clean the area as best you can and start again next Spring.
  • Is the black mould only on the surface and can be wiped off, or is the flesh beneath damaged?  I ask because aphids or scale insects will drop sticky 'honeydew' and this is then covered by a fungus which feeds on the sugars in the honeydew.  This type of black mould looks unsightly, but doesn't penetrate the plant tiissues.
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    Hi.  I wouldn't overwinter summer plants.  They have a life span.  But you could get an early start and sow the seeds in February and pot them on until they are ready to go outside (or not).
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    I was going to overwinter my sweet peppers having just read in my garden mag you can do this. I went in their green house yesterday,first time in 3 days,they were absolutely alive with white fly,so I've picked the last 3 peppers,and put the rest in the council bin. No way am I introducing any pests into the conservatory.
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    That’s why I don’t overwinter them @Nanny Beach … they always get covered with whitefly by the end of the season. 

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