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Flood water pump

Can anyone recommend a cheap floodwater pump?

Ive only found the Karcher SP5 able to pump down to 1mm, all the other only seem to get to 25-35mm

Its for use in the garage, but I understand they can be used around garden too.


  • Doghouse RileyDoghouse Riley Posts: 347
    edited October 2021
    Depends on the circumstances.
    Have you a sump in your garage?

    if so, you can get a float activated one.
    If you haven't and your garage is prone to flooding, it's worth constructing one, say a foot square by as much deep in the lowest point of the garage. You could put a grid over it to stop anyone putting a foot down it.

    As a former koi keeper I've had a lot of pumps over time. The quality of those pumps has improved in the last twenty years. They come in a lot of different sizes.

    If it's for just occasional use then get a cheap conventional one.
    But for "set and forget" (apart from an occasional check of the filter, though get one that can handle "coarse solids"),  a sump and a float activated one would be best. They start at just over £100.

    The best ones for continuous use have ceramic bearings but you won't need that..

  • JoeXJoeX Posts: 1,783
    No sump and the flooding is primarily from water rising so I dont think this would help although I have considered extending the strip drain into the garage to help it drain but that’s a longer term solution.
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