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Willow tree

I have an old willow tree in my garden which historically has been quite magnificent, however this year it didn’t leaf up as abundantly as in the past and by late August had shed all its leaves. There was no sign of blight or canker. A few days ago, on the north facing side of the tree, masses of honey mushrooms have sprouted up. Is anyone able to offer advice on what I should do ? Obviously, as the tree has never shed it leaves so early not grown mushrooms on it’s tree trunk then I suspect the two are connected. 


  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,673
    There is no treatment and your tree is dying, sorry. All you can do is have it examined by an expert arboriculturist to assess the risk of the tree falling and causing damage. A small consolation is that honey fungus is edible.
  • bédébédé Posts: 2,535
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    I can recognise Honey Fungus a mile away.   Bad luck.  The willow is as good as dead.  Cut it down.  Leave about 1.5m trunk so that you can dig/lever its roots out.  Try to hunt down as many bootlaces as possible.  Armatillox is not today recommended as a cure.

    Cultivating the ground around the tree and any woody plants you want to survive, is the only answer.
     location: Surrey Hills, England, ex-woodland acidic sand.
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  • Thank you ‘steep hill’ and ‘bede ‘, despite the fact that it looks like my tree is on it's way out I appreciate your advice, sad though it is. 
  • Quote wiki...
    "Armillaria is a genus of fungi that includes the A. mellea species known as honey fungi that live on trees and woody shrubs. It includes about 10 species formerly categorized summarily as A. mellea. Armillarias are long-lived and form the largest living organisms in the world"

    Pics below show the black boot laces and the fungal stage of Honey fungus.

    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
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