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Cape Gooseberry

Was just wondering if this was normal or not, 1st year I have grown them. Still growing, still flowering and ripening, but a good 7ft tall now in the greenhouse. I grew a few bunched together in front of the toms, expecting them to be a bit smaller and they rather took over and I planted one a bit later where I lost a cucumber and didnt have a spare which is still doing well.


  • They will keep growing and spreading in the GH at the moment but if you are in the UK, it is unlikely IME that you will get fruit now as the temps drop.
    I dumped mine some weeks ago after a decent harvest .  They are surprisingly large plants when given the chance :)
  • thevictorianthevictorian Posts: 1,119
    If you keep them over winter (they seemed happy in an unheated greenhouse for me) then they get even bigger next year. I did this so I'd have an earlier crop the next year.
  • Thanks. Will leave them a while longer and see if the single one survives the winter. 
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