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Orange coloured Rose recommendations please

MeomyeMeomye Posts: 902
I would like an orange coloured floriferous rose please, preferably scented and not a rambler. Your suggestions would be most welcome. t i a


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,177
    edited October 2021
    Some years ago l had a "Pat Austin" Rose, lovely colour and a strong scent.

    It is quite an old variety now though, there may well be newer introductions that are even better  :)
  • purplerallimpurplerallim Posts: 5,228
    A popular one is Absolutely Fabulous/Julia Child shows as orange in some gardens but yellow in others.
    This year I am trialing a patio rose Sparkle, but it has yet to wow me as it is so new. ( you are supposed to give them two/three years to come to full potential) If it looks as good as the full sized plant I saw, then it will be glorious. 
  • OmoriOmori Posts: 1,673
    Lady Emma Hamilton. 
  • EustaceEustace Posts: 2,118
    Lady of Shalott or Lady Emma Hamilton would be my preference.
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  • newbie77newbie77 Posts: 1,803
    edited October 2021
    My favourite orange is Super Trouper. Good growth habit, healthy and floriforous, and tolerates shade  Although in fragrance catagory Lady Emma wins. Both are small medium size. If you want something bigger then Westerland is good.

    South West London
  • I can recommend Easy Does It ( although I have only had it one year , and in spite of being somewhat shaded, it has been brilliantly black spot free ). For me the buds are dark reddy orange open through a true orange before fading to a pinky/peach shade. Quite compact, and while not extremely scented does have a fruity-ish scent. I am not sure if a sunnier spot would make it more fragrant. The petals are quite ruffled/frilly so a little unusual.
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  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,160
    I love Lady Emma Hamilton, nice compact shape, new growth is a reddish colour and the flowers smell wonderful. 

    I loved Westerland when I saw it at Peter Beales Classic Roses so I bought one. It has decided to be a climber and sends off hugely long stems. Might have to ask advice on this forum!
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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 86,990
    @Busy-Lizzie this says that R. Westerland can be trained as a small climber … even on a pergola … !!!

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  • MRGMRG Posts: 1
    I have only one rose in my garden, an English shrub rose from David Austin, Jude the Obscure. 
    It's a beautiful chalice shaped flower opening peachy orange and fading through apricot almost to pale yellow with the most wonderful perfume. It flowers continuously from summer and, in fact, I've just cut the last blooms.
    I don't know why more people don't have it. I had space for only one and wanted the best for beauty, health and perfume and this is the one I chose.
  • MeomyeMeomye Posts: 902
    Thank you so much for all of your replies.  I am enjoying your recommendations and researching which I prefer. I have found it interesting that they can appear orange in some sites and yellow in others. 
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