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Onion sets

hello, I planted onion bulbs in little pots and placed in greenhouse. On checking them today all the bulbs seem to have staring to go mouldy. Can someone advise what I should do please. Thanks 


  • nick615nick615 SW IrelandPosts: 1,100

    gailrusk64  I'm no expert but, as no-one else has responded, at least I'll bring it back to the top of the pile.  To me, I'd not be planting onion sets until March but, if there's an over winter variety, someone may comment?
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 79,376
    There are autumn-planting varieties … but I’ve not grown them

    Anyone … ?
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  • EmerionEmerion Carmarthenshire Posts: 420
    I suspect that mouldy bulbs of any kind are doomed. Assuming they were a correct variety for autumn planting, replacement ones would be better in the ground, where excess water won’t sit around the bulb as it will in a pot. I don’t know if it’s too late to replant. If planting in the ground isn’t practical, then maybe more freely draining potting mix, and ventilate your greenhouse better if you can. Most winter veg don’t mind the frost, so you’re not aiming to keep heat in with a greenhouse over the winter. It’s more about keeping your veg safe from wild weather. Closing all the doors and windows will encourage damp air and mould. More airflow makes a huge difference. 
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  • Thank you all very much much appreciated 
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