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Veg Planters - How Deep Should They Be?


I presume the depth depends on what you intend to grow, but as I want to grow veg, what approx depth should I look for (I know that not all veg grows the same but just a general idea please).



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    It really does depend on what you intend to grow and much will depend on teh quality of soil/compost/soil improvers you fill them with.

    Salad leaves and radishes don't need many resources to grow a decent plant and can be grown in window boxes.  

    Brassicas need greater depth for stability in lively weather as well as nutrients.  They also need lime adding to their soil for health.  

    Potatoes need to be earthed up as they grow to encourage more tubers to form but can be started off shallow as long as the soil is good and you water regularly and have the depth needed to add soil for earthing up.

    Pumpkins, squashes, courgettes need deep reserves of food and moisture to grow decent fruits.   Peas and beans too.  Parsnips need a deep root run but carrots come in shorter varieties so don't need great depth.

    You also need to consider crop rotation to maximise fertility and minimise disease and pest build up.   Have a read of this - and this - 

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