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What type of mushroom is this?

Garden is full.of them


  • Ante1Ante1 Posts: 2,862
    It's old specimen of jack-o'-lantern mushroom (Omphalatus olearius). 
  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,220
    More usually found on the roots of trees than just in the garden and rather rare in Britain, so not so sure of the id from Ante. Not that I know what it really is.
  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,764
    A photo of the underside showing the gills and stem would help with ID.
  • bertrand-mabelbertrand-mabel Posts: 2,533
    edited October 2021
    On the botanical side we should say fungus/i and not mushroom as this seems to say that they are ok to eat which many aren't but others are.
  • SkandiSkandi Posts: 1,718
    I would want to see the underside and possibly a younger specimen than those. Are there any trees nearby that could have roots running under the grass?
  • Can we see photo's of the underside and stems please?  They could be Honey Fungus, but need to see more to be able to confirm or deny.
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