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YnneadYnnead LondonPosts: 199
Hi I germinated this mango a month ago. It might not be too clear in the pic but it has more than one shoot which came up ftom the seed. Well these all die back leaving the one tall stem? Also the leaves seem floppy?


  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,907
    Good on you getting it to germinate!  They are quite tricky.  Is the tree getting plenty of sunlight?  They need as much direct light as you can get them, indoors.  They also need to stay above 65F.  So a heated conservatory is ideal.  
    The leaves start out that color, but should 'green up' and spread out with good light.  Is the soil well drained?  Do you only water when the top inch or two of compost is completely dry?  
    If you don't want another branch coming from the base, you can snip it off with some pruning shears.  
    Utah, USA.
  • YnneadYnnead LondonPosts: 199
    Hi think light is an issue but its under a grow light. Ive got it on a heated propagator which is why the compost is a bit dry though I am watering it enough. Hopefully I can get it through the winter.
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