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Hebe Dying - could it be root rot?

My hebe which is around 3 years old has started wilting and dying on 1 side.   I have cut some dead bits away but think it's going to spread. I'm attaching a picture.   I do have clay soil.  Does this look like root rot?  Would it be possibly to take a cutting from this plant before the whole thing dies if it can't be saved?  Thanks.


  • Mine did this too.  I gave it a 50/50 option live or die, trimmed it back and also any overhanging foliage from other close by plants, gave it a good feed and hey presto it sprang back to life.  Good luck! 
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 47,154
    Wet cold soil isn't the best for them unfortunately. You can prune back but it may not recover depending on where you live and your climate. They often turn their toes up here over winter.
    The larger leaved and variegated ones are more susceptible too.
    It isn't the best time to take cuttings, but it's worth trying. I certainly wouldn't feed though - especially at this time of year, and not on a plant that's struggling  :)
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