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FISKARS P94 Secateurs

Mine won't quite close. Any ideas anybody before I start taking them apart.


  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 12,387
    I think the blades may have twisted. I'm always doing that to my secateurs because I try to cut too thick branches at the wrong angle using too much force instead of using loppers.
    I'm afraid it may not be possible to rectify them but you could try taking them apart, oiling them and then re-assembling them. Hope it works.
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  • Thanks Lizzie for your reply. I've checked the blades and they seem OK so I guess Plan B will be in operation! 
  • I think they may be a geared type, so there may be something trapped between the gear teeth hidden under the plastic.  Good luck with dismantling them - I know they have a poor reputation as far as the plastic handles go, which are prone to cracking and breaking according to some reviews, so don't force anything.
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  • Thanks for the info. I'll certainly take your comments into account when dismantling.
  • Digressing a bit, but it might be useful information.

    I like Fiskars products.

    I've a Fiskars tree pruner, the one where you have a length of cord you pull on to close the jaws.
    This was OK until some trees got a lot taller. So instead of buying a longer lopper, I bought some dowel of the same diameter as the pole and putting them  end to end, passed a fiver foot length of polypipe over both, with them butting up  in the middle of the pipe, then securing both ends neatly with duct tape. This keeps it all really rigid.

    Adding more cord to the original, the reach is twice what it was.
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