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Ideas for border placement

Hello there. New to the forum and looking for ideas, tips and inspiration as to where my wife and I should place our borders. I have added some photos to let you see the general layout. We plan to go with a wild garden then with lots of ferns, grasses etc. Any help appreciated. 

Thanks, David


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    Not sure but you will certainly need to allow for access to the hedge so that you can prune it.
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  • Ferns will prefer the shady side of the garden.
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    That makes it easier for people to see the layout  ;)
    The main things to start with are - what other things do you need in the garden, and how much time and money do you have to spend ? Washing lines, compost/working areas, children's play areas etc. 
    Borders can be put almost anywhere that you'd like them, but the contents of them will vary according to the amount of light and shade they have, and whether you want a good evergreen structure or don't mind having less planting to look at in winter. The majority of grasses need a light, sunnier aspect. Ferns come in all shapes and sizes - many are happy in sun, many are happy in shade, but it also depends on whether it's wet or dry shade. Your climate also dictates what will suit.  
    Having a good view from the house is certainly an advantage at this time of year, and through until spring, when more plants are coming into growth. Shrubs which have good autumn colour for example, with late flowering perennials, and some evergreen groundcover and early bulbs, is an easy way to achieve that. I can see you already have some planting next to the house, so that may be sufficient for you. If you want some nice views from your seating area, and the summerhouse, a large island bed, whether it's an oval or a more formal rectangular one,  in the middle would work, and would be seen from both ends of the garden.  :)
    What are you planning for the raised bed round the dining area? 

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    Worked on the borders this spring and just seeing what happens in the garden this year and in some areas letting everything go wild. Also decided to let the hedge grow freely to support any nesting birds and wildlife. 
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